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L-mail: Software Mailing Solution

Customer benefit

Have you ever wondered why people create documents on computers, and people receive mail… but no one can send real mail from their computer?  Until Now……. 

Lettermatics is the first and only software that allows you to send REAL mail in REAL envelopes to REAL People, directly from your computer – as easy as sending e-mail – we print and mail so you don’t have to…….. You have e-mail. What if sending Real Mail was just as easy. Now you can take documents on your computer and send them in the U.S. Mail. The ultimate objective is to make mailing from a computer as easy as dragging a file into a folder. The benefits to customers include ease of use, faster time to market/mail delivery, and potential cost savings.  

It’s easy, it’s economical, it’s ecological and you don’t have to leave your desk to send mail. 

Product summary

You don’t want to spend your time printing, stuffing, licking envelopes, driving to the post office, labeling, or changing paper and printer cartridges. Lettermatics has created a program to provide businesses and consumers with an easy to use system, which connects them with professional printing facilities in an economical and ecological manner. 

Whether you are sending a single letter across town or a million piece mailing around the four corners of the globe, you can “just mail it" from your computer with Lettermatics from Lettermatics.  

First, download our software. To send a letter or brochure, create your document in Microsoft Word. Choose a single address or a list of addresses from your data. Select your paper and envelope type. The total cost of the mailing, including postage, will be displayed. Simply click the SEND THE MAIL button. Your document is encrypted and uploaded to our secure site, where no one looks at your mail. Within hours your mailing is printed and delivered directly to the U.S. Postal System.  

Business Traveler stuck in a room with a laptop and no stamps/envelopes?  Use Lettermatics!

Does your business send letters and marketing information to customers? Lettermatics! 

College Student looking to write home?  Use Lettermatics! 

Get started for free…Download our software now, and join us as we change the way Real mail is sent while helping the planet at the same time!!! 

Go to “Get software”, then click download to begin using Lettermatics!! 

Why is Lettermatics different?

1. Convenient (only 3 mouse clicks to send a letter) 
2. Fast (Mail a letter in the same time as using E-mail) 
3. Economical (no “mailing” supplies to purchase) 
4. Gives diversity (various templates and envelopes) 
5. Do not have to be connected to internet to create mail jobs 
6. Don’t have to leave your desk to mail something 


Lettermatics sends real mail, in real envelopes to real people, in their real mailbox from your desktop or laptop.  We mail, so you don’t have to!!! 

Lettermatics does it all!  Real Mail, Real easy!!

  • Prints
  • Stuffs
  • Addresses
  • Inserts
  • Seals
  • Applies postage
  • Mails it

Customer benefit

The ultimate objective is to make mailing from a computer as easy as dragging a file into a folder. The benefits to customers include ease of use, faster time to market/mail delivery, and potential cost savings. For example, Lettermatics could replace FedEx for overnight delivery of important business documents, delivering physical documents in the regular mail at a fraction of the cost, as First Class mail is delivered nearly 90% of the time within one day by the U.S. Postal Service. The Lettermatics solution also mitigates costs by removing the workload of preparing mail in business organizations. 

How much is your time worth?

Studies show the average single page letter, in a simple envelope, printed, folded, and mailed costs nearly $5.00 including your time. 

For most consumers, ease of use, quality control, secure physical communications, and fast delivery are very important. 

And when you can do all that at a lower cost - from $0.80 - WOW! 

Send Mail from your computer for less than the cost of 2 first class stamps!! 

Product summary

Lettermatics is a software mailing solution that allows users to send electronic documents stored on their personal computer into the “physical” mail stream. A user can click on a Word document, hit send, and the document will be printed at one of many printing facilities, sorted into an envelope, and sent to the recipient via the U.S. Postal Service. Users can transmit one letter or thousands of postcards with just a few clicks.  

In simplest terms, Lettermaticscombines the popularity of computer use for creating documents with the physical output of “real mail.” In a world where people are now barraged with hundreds of email communications a day, LMI management believes there is an opportunity to reinvigorate consumer and business interest in “real mail.”  

After users create documents on their personal computers, Lettermatics  software converts the selected documents to PDF files, which are uploaded through the internet, transmitted to printers, and distributed in the mail rapidly. In essence, Lettermatics extends the personal computer user’s “printing network” to professional printers who can process and drop documents of all dimensions into the U.S. Postal Service mail stream.  

Managing a direct-mail campaign is real easy too!

For business users (e.g. direct-mail marketers), ease of use, flexibility across large and dispersed organizations, competitive cost per piece, low cost for fast delivery, improved tracking of costs and performance are all very important. 

Next-day delivery at First-Class postal rates nearly 90% of the time!  Send international mail to the USA and it’s delivered within a day or so! 

Send more mail, get more customers, and get more sales 

All with a few clicks!  – Create it, Save it, Send it!!

Lettermatics is a desktop/laptop based system that uses proprietary copyrighted software technology that revolutionizes the mail processing, sorting, and delivery systems. Due to the software design and the strategically placed network of digital printing and finishing facilities, substantial savings occur both in time to delivery and costs, creating a significant Value Proposition. Cost savings over many systems used today will save the consumer from 35% to 45%, creating a significant "Market Opportunity". Additionally, the “green” effect of significant reduction in use of fuel oil to transport mail by air and long haul trailers creates a Value Proposition for the US Postal Service, and other carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx, as well as the environment.  

So many options:

  • Choice of stationery 
  • Choice of envelope 
  • Reply mail 
  • Registered mail 
  • Choice of print shop 
  • Payment Choices 

Additional benefits

  • It’s fast. Letters are printed and mailed within 24 hours. 
  • It’s secure. We use 128 bit encryption for SSL security, and PayPal for secure credit card authorizations. 
  • It’s private. Our system is automated; we do not read your letters. 



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